Sunday, 16 September 2012

French Ski Holiday

Destination: Courchevel 1850 and 1650.Courchevel is a great skiing destination as it allows a challenging yet enjoyable ski for everyone of any ability. While staying at Courchevel you will have no problem finding somewhere to eat as there is an extremely large variety of restaurants, bars, tea rooms, creperies and fondues to pick from! there are many activities to be enjoyed when you are not on the slopes! these activities include snow sports, mountain walks, tobogganing, hand gliding, hot air balloon trips, bowling, fitness activities, cinemas, cookery courses, ice skating and many more for you to enjoy! Les 3 VallĂ©es (where Courchevel is located) is the biggest ski area in the world, complete with 200 mechanical lifts and 330 pistes totalling over 600 km of ski slopes. At Courchevel there are lots of ski schools such Magic, ESF and Guides De Courchevel. 
Fun: 5 out of 5 there was not one moment where I was not having an incredible time!
Adventure: 4 out of 5 this holiday is not about adventure as it is about learning, improving and enjoying the skiing available.
Food: A strong 5 out of 5 as there was loads of delicious and unusual food to try, there were restaurants on the slopes and within the comfort of a warm hotel!
Luxury: 4 out of 5 the holiday was not a kick up your feet kind. However when not on the slopes it was all about luxurious food and hot chocolates!
Overall score: 5 out of 5 this was a spectacular holiday and the destination had a great deal to offer more than you will have time to thrive in! 
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P.S. Winter is coming up there is still time to book a Courchevel Skiing Holiday!


  1. WOW that sounds like an amazing holidays and exactly what we have been looking for! Thanks for that!

  2. Sounds great, but my family are looking for a hot beach holiday with some activities to do.. not very adventurous, 2 daughters.. somewhere overseas... where do you advise?